When a flight attendant is yelled at by a passenger, she reacts with a six-word response that knocks him down to size.

You may have heard the phrase “The customer is always right” in the service sector, but there are always some that disprove it!

We all know what this remark really means, especially those of us who have worked in the service sector; there are those who feel superior to others and want to be treated as such, almost like a monarch or queen, while treating those who provide customer service like peasants.

This woman works at an airline’s check-in desk, but she demonstrates a really clever way to handle extremely unpleasant passengers! She gave an excellent, professional response to a noisy passenger by showing him where he belonged.

Continue reading this page to read the rest of the tale, and please feel free to spread it around since the woman’s response is quite amazing! For how she handled this annoying traveler, the employee at the LaGuardia Airport check-in desk in New York should be given a medal!

Have you ever faced a dissatisfied customer?

Because the Southwest Airlines flight, which was highly crowded and fully booked, was canceled due to bad weather, this single employee rebooked everyone for a later trip.

An unhappy passenger suddenly forced his way to the head of the queue.

He threw his ticket on the table and laughed.

He declares, “I MUST be on this flight, and it must be first class.”

The agent responded by saying:

Please accept my apologies, Sir. I’ll try my best to help you, but before I can do that, I need to help these people. After that, I’m sure we can come to a solution.

This passenger wasn’t in the least bit impressed!

He yelled out, loud enough for the other travelers to hear:


The agent then smiled and swiftly acted, grabbing her microphone for the public address system.

She said: ” Please give me your complete attention. ”

We have a passenger at Gate 14 who is unsure of who he is.

The individuals standing behind him were laughing uncontrollably, and the man bit his teeth as he watched the woman.

He said: You’re out of luck! ”

Without thinking twice, the woman spoke the following while smiling:

Please accept my apologies, Sir. For that as well, there will be a line.

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