When a firefighter visits a mistreated puppy that he saved the day before, he receives a lovely surprise.

There are countless individuals that torture and mistreat the helpless animals. Mike Thawley, a firefighter, is one of the numerous heroes who, fortunately, arrive just in time to save them.

He came upon an abandoned 3-month-old Pit Bull laying on the ground while on his route to a rescue mission. After doing his duties at the rescue call, he drove back to the dog to see what had happened.

The fact that Chunk the Pitt Bull was still alive, despite his poor health, made him happy. H e was left by the awful owner,  covered with parasites, next to a tree. The dog was taken to the fire station by Mike, who then gave him a warm bath and took wonderful care of him. He prayed for Chunk’s quick recovery and brought him to a shelter and his good wishes.

He returned to the shelter the next day to check on the Pitt Bull, and he was overjoyed to discover that he remembered the hero who had saved her. H She showered him with kisses and expressed his gratitude to his savior.

The Pitty completely recovered from parasites after receiving excellent treatment for 4 months in the “Front Street Animal Shelter,” and Mike, his wife Clara, and their three kids visited the facility and adopted Chunk, providing him with a cozy home.

They were aware that Chunk needed a loving home after the horrific tragedy and that fate had placed him in Mike’s path. I hope the abuser was identified and made to pay for his crimes!

See the dog helplessly clinging to Mike at the shelter in the video below:

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