Wayne Shorter, a Grammy-winning saxophonist, passed away.

According to Rolling Stone, Wayne Shorter, a well-known saxophonist, died at 89. Shorter’s team issued a statement announcing the terrible news.

“Visionary composer, saxophone, visual artist, ardent Buddhist, dedicated husband, father, and grandfather Wayne Shorter has died at the age of 89, exiting the earth as we know it and going on a new adventure as part of his incredible life,” the statement said.

“At the time of his transition, Shorter was accompanied by his beloved family in Los Angeles.”

Shorter’s family has yet to comment on the unfortunate news. On the other hand, Shorter’s friend and fellow musician Herbie Hancock paid a particularly sad homage to the late icon on Twitter.

“My closest friend, Wayne Shorter, left us with courage in his heart, love, compassion for humanity, and a yearning spirit for the eternal future,” Hancock tweeted.

The musician also lauded Shorter for his outstanding abilities “as a saxophone, composer, orchestrator, and recently, composer of the masterful opera.”

“I miss being around him and his wonderful Wayne-isms,” he continued, “But I carry his soul within my heart.”

Regrettably, Shorter has joined the increasing list of celebrities that died in 2023. Shorter’s artistic legacy, which includes regular collaborations with Miles Davis and many other pioneering jazz performers from the 1950s to the 1970s, will continue in perpetuity.

Wayne Shorter had a lengthy and brilliant career spanning over 70 years. Shorter’s professional career began in 1956 when he joined the Horace Silver Quintet as a saxophonist.

Shorter’s major break, however, came two years later when he joined the Jazz Messengers, a jazz-fusion ensemble created by Art Blakey, the group’s resident drummer. Shorter developed a rich, mellifluous tone unheard of among saxophonists then.

Yet, his relationship with Miles Davis resulted in some of Shorter’s most amazing duets. Shorter worked as a saxophone and songwriter for Davis, contributing to classics like “Footprints,” “Nefertiti,” and “Prince of Darkness.”

Shorter would establish his route, pursuing various musical partnerships and solo work. Shorter won 12 Grammys out of 23 nominations during his career. Despite his lengthy and distinguished career, Shorter worked till the end of his life.

He was also rewarded for his efforts. Shorter received his final Grammy in February 2023 for “Best Improvised Jazz Solo,” which he shared with soloist Leo Genovese for “Endangered Species.”

Shorter is survived by one child, Mikako Shorter, for whom he penned the song “Miyako,” and his wife, Carolina Dos Santos.

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