Three days after feeling something in his head, he gazed at his body and broke down in tears.

Arkhangelsk resident Sergei Kutovoi celebrated his 23rd birthday on the Field of Mars in St. Petersburg with close friends, his fiancee, and even his subscribers. Now, Sergey has close to 400 000 of them.

The man’s account of overcoming obesity, which he shared with incredible candor, contributed to his success in garnering such a sizable audience on the network. Several hundred viewers tuned in to connect with the celebrities live, wish them happy birthdays, and give them warm embraces.

Sergey and his girlfriend Ksenia met with subscribers for the first time.

“After the accident, I felt as though I had no choices, no future, and that there was nothing better in store for me than a lonely life as an invalid. However, I started playing sports, had faith in myself, and as a result, I lost weight.

And, to be completely honest, my life has improved since then. And any of you can make things better. Everybody has the right to love and happiness so they can have a family and a passion.”  Sergey Kutovoy from Arkhangelsk assures the crowd, “Even if I couldn’t, you absolutely can.”

When Sergey Kutovoy was 17 years old, an accident caused him to lose his leg. The WAF truck’s brakes failed, causing it to crash into the victim at a speed of 100 kph. The broken left leg had to be amputated. He was in the hospital for over a year, and when he was finally discharged, he started to stress everyone out.

Because he didn’t move around much, he quickly put on weight and eventually weighed 120 kg and was 186 centimeters tall. According to Sergey Kutovoy, “He looked like an old man: bald, disabled, wearing glasses, and showing 37 scars all over his body.”

Sergey resolved to take on the challenge: first, a horizontal bar at home, then full-fledged gym workouts, a diet, and eventually sledge hockey. He could live without a limb, but he couldn’t stomach staring at sagging fat folds. Two years later, elderly Arnold would have envied Sergey’s biceps given their size. Additionally, Kutovoy offers candids “before” and “after” photos on Instagram.

“When I first encountered Serezha in Nastya Ivleeva’s vlog, I was intrigued to his narrative since the man hasn’t given up hope and is developing and growing. He’s been someone I follow on Instagram for a year, and I appreciate how sincere his posts are. He inspires me a lot with his belief in people,” Nastya, a fan who came to meet Sergey on his birthday, says.

Many attendees at this gathering were unable to contain their tears since the emotions were out of control.

Ksyusha’s romantic life

Are you not jealous of Serezha’s large following?

“Why do you love Sergei so much?” Ksyusha says, wiping away her tears, “He is extremely sweet,” she was touched by the kind welcome she received from so many people. They embrace Sergey and Ksyusha, beg for pictures and autographs, and engage in friendly competition by quizzing one another.

Sergei and his girlfriend

More pics of his transformation are below:

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