This family was evicted from their home; 70 years later, they return and discover a treasure hidden by their grandpa in the attic.

Treasure hunting is a lot of fun, and this game inspires in us a strong sense of anticipation and captivates our interest, don’t you think? Many individuals nowadays do this, seeking for myths and ideas to solve riddles and uncover buried treasure.

But it isn’t usually something shining, gold, or… Atlantis. The family’s story in the following article is quite intriguing and dates back to World War II. What they discovered is quite intriguing, so we recommend that you keep reading until the end.

This began during World War II when the Schlattner family was forced to leave their home in Czechoslovakia permanently, so they returned to Germany, leaving behind the comfort and all of their memories. The father in the house, on the other hand, wanted to leave something behind in case someone returned one day, so he showed his son, Rudi, a rope in the attic.

Rudi decided to conduct an investigation after 70 years to find out what happened to his old and cherished house, where his father had left some secrets. He discovered that his home had been converted into a facility for the elderly.

Because the father preserved the secret, his family was about to see something truly amazing. They climbed into the attic after arriving safely at the house, and the old man recognized the characteristic mark he made there, much like the X marks the treasure.

It was a string, invisible to the human eye and neatly concealed at the time. He pulled the cord, revealing the secret, a hidden location containing a lot of antique items. Not gold, but items from their home that now have great historical significance, such as paintings, silverware, books, newspapers, garments, and many other comparable items.

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