The yearbook of a tortured boy had no signatures, yet one message changed everything.

Students have the chance to meet new people and are exposed to a variety of courses in school. Unfortunately, some kids are picked on by bullies because they find it difficult to develop social skills and, as a result, have no friends.

Twelve-year-old Brody is the son of Cassandra Ridder and has experienced bullying at the hands of other kids. Brody is a happy young man who enjoys sports like fencing and chess in comparison to his peers.

But this was not the reason he was being made fun of.

When Cassandra picked her son up from school one day, she asked about his yearbook because the teacher had told her that the students would be bringing their yearbooks home.

Brody’s eyes suddenly began to well up with tears.  There was nothing more written on it but the notes that his teachers had made. Each of his students was asked to write him a note by Brody, but they all declined.

Brody wrote the recipient a note that said, “Hope you make some more friends – Brody Ridder.”

Cassandra snapped a photo of Brody’s yearbook and posted it with the other parents on a Facebook page for parents from his school.

“You poor kid. It doesn’t appear that anything is improving. There were 2 teacher entries and a total of 2 student entries in his yearbook. Despite Brody asking many different kids from various backgrounds to sign it,” she said on the Facebook page. Brody decided to write to his future self as a way of communicating with him. “I can’t handle it with my damaged heart. Develop compassion in your kids.”

The next day, while he was at school, Brody called his mother and asked her to publish a picture he had sent her on Facebook. His yearbook was now totally filled with comments from his buddies as well as students in the eighth and eleventh grades.

“Hey, buddy, you are really great,” was one of the notes. ” Keep doing it.”

“Brody, you are the most adorable young man in the entire world. You have unfathomable love. Pay no attention to the opinions of young people; they are incorrect.”

“Brody, best wishes for a lovely summer are sent your way! You are important and worthy of respect.”

“Hey dude, never change and never let your head get down.”

The fact that Brody was able to meet a lot of new people made him very happy, and he is eagerly anticipating the forthcoming school year.

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