The shocking story of a man who kept 10 snakes, 12 spiders, and a giant python as pets. A whole globe was stunned by what happened one day. His affection for these animals drove him…

A 31-year-old American man loved dangerous creatures in particular. Dan Brandon had come to keep 12 tarantula spiders and 10 snakes inside his home. One of these creatures was a python about 2.5 feet long with the nickname Tiny.  Dan had raised him since he was a baby, making him the most adored pet of all.

Unfortunately, his love for these dangerous animals was what led to his passing.

His family was devastated by this disaster, and people all across the world were shocked. While they were in bed, Tiny, his enormous python, strangled his master. He died of asphyxiation, according to statements from medical professionals and legal officials.

The fact that experts assert that Dan was not assaulted by the python but rather that he perished accidentally as a result of the snake’s excessive devotion for him is very astonishing.

One of the forensic doctors claims that he does not think that the snake intended to do this because there is no proof that there was a dispute between them or that the snake was violent; rather, he merely wanted to express his affection for his master in a silent moment, and nobody realized what tragedy was about to happen.

Due of the uniqueness of this situation, John Cooper, a professor and reptile expert, was consulted extensively. He thoroughly inspected the python and came to various findings, including the following: first, the conduct of the snake would have been justified if it had been during the period when it changed its skin; after extensive inspections, Dan’s python would not have been in this period.

The snake’s aggressive tendencies are evident from earlier acts of aggression toward his owner, the worst of which was when he struck him in the face and shattered three of his teeth.
Dan was with his mum at home during the terrible disaster.

Although she did not hear anything conclusive, the other reptiles started to make noise and were very disturbed. She was startled when she went into her son room, but she moved as swiftly as she could since she knew her son’s life relied on her. As soon as the lady called, the paramedics went to Dan’s assistance, but it was too late; they were unable to save his life.

Dan’s family mentioned something unexpected sometime after this catastrophe, namely that they kept the python since it was like a kid for their departed son. “We struggled greatly to decide against doing this, but we did not. I considered how loyally our son adored him.”

“I still have no idea how this incident could have happened. I could tell Tiny had a unique personality because he would pretend to punch or make noise when he didn’t want to be carried in my son’s arms, but he never felt threatened by him.”  He didn’t pay much attention to me when I entered the room, but when my son Dan came around, he became quite upset and envious. He and I got along well.”

“He seems to be trying to get me to go, and he can’t stand to have his master touch him,” adds Dan’s mother.

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