The same uncommon eye malignancy is present in three young brothers.

God bless you all, and please, God, heal these precious lads.

A family in Atlanta, Georgia, was fortunate to have three boys. Retinoblastoma, a rare kind of eye cancer, sadly affects all three of them.

Tristen Rush, the oldest child of Angie and Aaron Rush, received a retinoblastoma diagnosis about five years ago. He has been fighting the illness ever since. Tristen has received numerous chemotherapy procedures and drugs throughout the years, beginning when he was just a few weeks old.

Caison, their second child, also had retinoblastoma when he was born. The news was devastating. It implied that the family would have to undergo the same procedure once again. Caison began treatment at the age of one week.

His parents prayed that their sons would prevail in their struggle for survival.

Baby number three entered the world about six months ago. All Angie and Aaron wanted for during the pregnancy was for their youngest kid to be delivered healthy. Sadly, that didn’t take place.

Carter, a newborn, was given the same retinoblastoma diagnosis as his older brothers as soon as he entered the world. It’s in both of his eyes.

Angie knew something like this was a possibility because she herself had retinoblastoma as a small child and lost her left eye as a result of it. Despite the fact that everyone was astonished and saddened by this family’s life experience. She was fully aware that there was a possibility she would carry the illness to her offspring.

“Knowing that I might pass this on to them makes me feel very guilty. However, I am also aware of my blessings,” the mother said.

Now, all this family can do is support the children at every turn and hope for the best outcome. Grandma Jeanne Rush of the children declares, “They are warriors.”

The family has created a GoFundMe page to assist them with the medical costs in the meantime.

The Rush family is in our hearts and prayers.

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