The police show up at Aaron Carter’s house just a few days after his death

According to data gathered by, Aaron Carter’s return to drug use just weeks before he committed suicide raised concerns, prompting the police to check on him at his Lancaster home.

The tragic news comes shortly after it was reported that when authorities found the body of the 34-year-old man in the tub on Saturday, they also found prescription medication and compressed air cans in his bedroom and bathroom.

The information is shocking because it was stated that the deceased was discovered in the bathtub.

However, Aaron’s fans were already worried that he had relapsed, and many of them thought that he was doing drugs while he was doing live Instagram broadcasts. has discovered that at the end of September, law authorities performed a welfare check on Aaron and went to the musician’s home to look into the accusations after receiving information that the singer was “possibly overdosing on social media.”

Some of Aaron’s followers claimed they overheard someone spraying and inhaling during the Instagram Live show while he sat in complete darkness. The police and the fire department visited his home to see how the renowned person was doing.

According to some stories, Aaron was slow to answer the door and when he did, he said he had fallen asleep just as he was about to open it.

Law enforcement conducted an investigation but found no indication of any unlawful drugs or activity, and they ruled out the idea of a suicide attempt. Aaron made a joke about the concerns brought up on social media after the well-being check.

The singer, who went by the nickname “the troll hunter,” claimed that he was spraying what looked like an air freshener, but his followers didn’t buy it. Aaron sadly passed away a few weeks later.

The performer had a history of substance abuse issues, according to a source on, and the recently revealed information on the compressed air cans may suggest that huffing may have been a significant role in his death.

The smell of decay and the unusual change in water’s color led witnesses to report that Aaron’s body had been in the bathtub for some time, which led the police to their conclusion.

Aaron’s autopsy was completed on Monday, at which point his body was prepped for delivery to his family.

The Los Angeles Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed the information and also let us know that the inquiry into Aaron’s cause of death has been “deferred” pending the outcomes of the toxicological tests.

Aaron and his on-again, off-again girlfriend Melanie Martin have an 11-month-old baby together named Prince. Aaron has left his son behind.

This news agency can also vouch for the fact that the residence Aaron was residing in at the time of his demise is no longer on the market. Records show that the house’s listing has been taken down.

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