She always dreamed of having a child.

She was at the height of her happiness after birth, and she believed that nothing could stop her. Up until the day she woke up in the hospital with a numb limb. Her one and only wish was to come every day. You will learn who she wanted to come and what happened.

Holly Gerlach, 26, is from Canada. Since she was very young, she had always wanted a kid, and in 2018, her deepest wish came true. The delivery of the baby girl called Casey went without a hitch.

Although the baby was delivered in excellent health, what happened to her mother in the following weeks is very tragic.

Holly started experiencing severe nausea, a scratchy throat, and frequent numbness in her legs two weeks after she was born. She made the decision to visit the hospital for a standard checkup. Doctors discovered there was a problem after inspections because the new mother had symptoms of paralysis from the neck down.

She was sent immediately to the hospital and placed in intensive care. In the meanwhile, she received a diagnosis of Guillain-Barre Syndrome, an extremely rare condition that eventually causes paralysis of the hands and feet.

According to extensive investigation, in Holly’s instance, the sickness was brought on by the birth.

She then experienced a few extremely trying weeks, but she had her daughter to fight for. Her sole wish was to hold her daughter in her arms every day, despite the fact that she was growing more and more exhausted and could hardly talk.

The worst part was that she would be unable to care for her daughter because she was paralyzed.

She had been using a breathing machine for two weeks, then all of a sudden she started breathing on her own.

Holly was able to leave the intensive care unit in just 70 days once the miracles started.

She had to relearn how to walk, write, and eat, but she is relieved that she was able to escape and is now reunited with her adored daughter Casey.

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