Pink speaks about her son’s “terrible” health problem, which has placed his life in danger.

Pink is one of the fittest celebrities around, stunning audiences with her on-stage acrobatics, so it’s startling to find that she’s struggled with a potentially fatal medical condition since childhood.

Pink spoke openly about how having asthma has affected her life and why it made her more prone to obtaining Covid on Chris Wallace’s show, Who’s Talking To Chris Wallace. Pink spoke about her health last year, detailing symptoms such as a stroke.

Pink began by claiming that she had struggled with asthma since she was a youngster, adding, “I was an asthmatic, really bad asthmatic kid,” before discussing how her asthma made Covid a massive problem for her.

“I hadn’t used a nebulizer in 30 years, but I was using one today.” She described the disease as “very terrifying” while she was ill.

Pink, married to Corey Hart and has two children, claimed that her son Jameson, now six years old, was also seriously affected by the illness.

“My son was the sickest of the bunch. When your child is crying, vomiting, covered in rashes, and telling you they can’t breathe. It’s the scariest part.” Any parent will agree that the game is effectively over when their child becomes ill.

“As a result, it was not a nice time. Also, it was revealed straight at the outset, along with the fact that youngsters couldn’t receive it and that doing so would be terrible. As a result, the voice in your head represents fear as well. It was a terrifying encounter.”

Pink and Jameson have both fully healed, and Pink’s new album Trustfall is now available, but her husband has recently been battling his own health concerns.

In December 2022, the 47-year-old former off-road and motorbike racer had a catheter in his chest to address a chronic illness.

“I realized a few days before Christmas that I have an infection in some part of my body,” he said. “When the holidays brought me tremendous pain, I had a tunneled catheter inserted into my chest. To eliminate this pain, I must inject antibiotics for the next 41 days.”

Let us hope the entire family remains healthy over the next few months!

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