Meet The “Trueblue Twins”

Although twins are relatively frequent, some people are always perplexed about how two distinct people can be similar.

Despite their resemblance, twins Megan and Morgan drew more than just curious glances from spectators. When they were four years old, their eyes were the color of clear water, and when their image was recorded on camera, it soon went viral online.

The world fell in love with photographs Megan and Morgan Boyd’s mother had shared on Instagram when they were just four years old, giving rise to the “Trueblue Twins” moniker.

While most parents drool over photos of their young children, the twins’ unique features drew worldwide notice. They now have over 153,000 Instagram followers.

And it’s not difficult to understand why am I correct.

The girls were born on June 6, 2011.

Stephanie, their mother, is the brains behind the girls’ nickname. She was the one who coined the term “TrueBlue Twins” to describe them because of their unusual blue eyes.

Look at the girls’ eyes to tell the difference between Megan and Morgan.

Megan is the only person who has two blue eyes. Morgan’s right eye is dark brown rather than blue, giving it a completely distinct appearance.

These are the girls as they are now, at nine.

Many twins are used to dressing in identical outfits. As can be seen, the Trueblues are no exception in this regard.

Stephanie states she enjoys shopping for and maintaining her daughters’ outfits.

Her primary concern is for her twin daughters’ physical and emotional well-being.

The girls’ unusual eye color has intrigued and amazed many people.

Some people assume that individuals of African heritage with blue eyes are using colored contacts, yet a rare gene produces their blue eyes.

Stephanie, the TrueBlue Twins’ mother, states that despite having naturally blue eyes, she does not wear colored contacts.

Even though her girls have become online celebrities, Stephanie looks to have her feet on the ground.

Although she knows that Megan and Morgan’s natural beauty could lead to great modeling careers, she does not want to pressure her daughters to pursue modeling professions. That is an excellent suggestion!

Aren’t these cute 11-year-olds today stunning?

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