Keanu Reeves claims to have been’married’ to Winona Ryder for nearly 30 years.

Keanu Reeves is not one to flaunt his relationship for all to see. It would imply that there were too many people who had an opinion. Reeves revealed in 2021 that he was still married to Winona Ryder. It had been 29 years since they had married. Keanu explains his reasoning.

“I guess we’re married now.”

This wedding was not set traditionally, with the white gown, bouquet, and all the friends and family to quench your social thirst for some time afterward.

They had a ceremony and everything, but instead of being in a church with everyone they knew, they were on set with an entire film crew. Of course, this did not occur in “real life,” but rather during the filming of “Dracula” in 1992.

“We did an entire take of a wedding ceremony with real priests,” Reeves explained. When asked if they were still married, Reeves replied, “Winona says we are. According to Coppola, we are. So I guess we’re married in God’s eyes.”