His wife died while giving birth, but when he looked at her laptop after the funeral, he was astonished!

Jared’s wife passed away, but he had the power to put things right only a few months after the passing of his loving life partner. H e also took a moment to glance at her laptop, which had been sitting unused for the entire time. He trembled when he saw.

A few videos that Sharry had recorded for her child were still stored on the computer. She sang to the young boy and told him stories on the videos.

Now, watching these recordings remained a habit for the two who were left behind. Jared and his kid almost always think about Sharry when they look at the photos she left behind.

One of these clips is seen here:

Jared and Sharry Buhanan-Decker, 33 and 29, had been married for nearly a decade. Amniotic fluid embolism, a rare condition in which the fluid encircling the fetus during pregnancy enters the mother’s bloodstream, caused Sherry’s death four months ago during childbirth.

During the urgent delivery, doctors performed a C-section on Sharry and were successful in delivering the newborn boy.

“The days we anticipated being the best of our lives ended up being the worst.”

Sherry left behind many things, according to Buhanan-Decker, and among the hidden gems were recordings of her voice singing songs she had written in the past.

Buhanan-Decker noted, “These tracks were in a format I couldn’t convert.” He sought advice on Reddit as a result.

Within hours, hundreds of people from all around the nation replied that they would take care of it.

Buhanan-Decker remarked, “I remember one of the earliest ones, a person saying, ‘I’ll have this done in an hour.”

Now, he practically rocks his little J.J. to sleep every night while he hears his mother sing to him.

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