Happy Rottweiler Momma gave birth late at night, and the babies continued to arrive until 15 were born!

Observing our fluffy friends giving birth is very lovely. When puppies emerge, eager to explore the world, it is a joyful time. When her Rottweiler named Jessie was finally delivering, Eleanor Usher received a tremendous surprise.

Three days ahead of schedule, she gave birth to six small puppies, then nine more! Amazing, huh? In little over seven hours of labor, she gave birth to no fewer than fifteen puppies! If you believe she has broken records, you’re mistaken. It appears that while she had the second-largest litter in the UK, the gold medal went to a mother who gave birth to 18 dogs at once.

Here comes the seventh, and then another…and another…until she had fifteen doggos. Can you image how the mother felt when she saw all the small dogs? The owners were overjoyed to observe the growth of their family. It appears that Jessie does not allow anybody to approach her babies, demonstrating that she is a self-sufficient mother in care of her small souls.

Let’s share the video to spread the word about this responsible mother and give her a hearty round of applause!

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