Following a petition calling for Whoopi Goldberg’s removal from The View some months after her Holocaust comments, she is doubling down.

Whoopi Goldberg is still under fire months after a petition demanding for her resignation was circulated in response to statements she made regarding the Holocaust. Whoopi revealed her thoughts on whether or not being Jewish should be categorized as a race in a new interview with The Sunday Times of London.

Whoopi Goldberg released an apology letter earlier this year, in January, for her choice of words. During a filming of her show, The View, Goldberg made a statement asserting that “the Holocaust isn’t about race.”

Goldberg made these remarks when the cast was debating the Tennessee school district’s decision to prohibit “Maus,” a novel about the Holocaust’s atrocities. She’s now doubling down on that belief.

“‘Not for nothing is there no spot on the census for the Jewish race,” my best friend said. So that makes me think we’re not in a race,’” she told The Sunday Times of London. Journalist Janice Turner responded, citing “racially divisive legislation enacted by Nazis directed against Jews.”

Goldberg pushed back, stating that the Holocaust “wasn’t originally” about “racial” or “physical” characteristics. “They were killing people they thought were mentally sick. Then they made this choice.”