Despite being pregnant, her puppy’s tummy was unusually large, so nobody knew what to anticipate from the puppies birth.

This is the story of a 56-year-old British woman named Elaine Copper and her dog. The woman keeps a female Labrador that is two years old as a pet.

The dog eventually got pregnant, so the owner took all the required steps to guarantee that her dog would give birth in the best possible circumstances. Elaine had to help the dog deliver because she was alone at home with her dog when the time arrived.

Everything was going as planned until the first puppy showed up, which gave the woman a big shock. He had green fur. The woman was in awe since she had never previously seen a green dog. Three additional white puppies were born after the first one.

Thankfully, all 4 puppies are in excellent health, and they are no longer in danger.

The idea that a dog might be green astonished Elaine. She has not yet discovered the answer to her question.

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