Damar Hamlin’s Family Issues First Statement, revealing that he is still in critical condition.

On January 4, the public was given more information about Damar Hamlin’s situation. While the 24-year-old Bill’s safety is still in serious condition, his breathing is improving.

Since the horrifying events of Monday Night Football, Hamlin has been on a ventilator to help him breathe.

Dorrian Glenn, Hamil’s uncle, told CNN that first responders could “resuscitate him on the field before they carried him to the hospital, and then they resuscitated him a second time when they brought him to the hospital.”

“They drugged him only to give him a better chance of healing. We’re just taking each day as it comes. It appears he is heading higher in a positive direction,” Glenn added.

Glenn went on to say that Hamlin was “flipped over on his stomach” to aid with the blood that had been inhaled into his lungs.

“I’m not a crier, but I’ve never sobbed so hard. Just so you know, my nephew died on the field, and they brought him back to life. It’s simply heartbreaking. It hit me square in the gut. I’m just grateful he’s alive and fighting to get well and recover.”

The NFL decided on the game that was ultimately postponed many hours after Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field, suffering cardiac arrest during the first quarter of the Monday Night Football game on January 2.

Simultaneously, Hamlin’s family issued their first statement:

“On behalf of our family, we want to convey our profound gratitude for the love and support offered to Damar during this trying time. The prayers, sweet thoughts very move us, and money from fans throughout the country,” reads the message.

“We also want to acknowledge the dedicated first responders and healthcare personnel at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center who have offered great care to Damar. We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to be a member of the Buffalo Bills organization and to have their support. We also want to thank Coach Taylor and the Bengals for their efforts.”

“Your generosity and care mean everything to us,” the statement goes on. “Please keep Damar in your thoughts and prayers. We will provide updates as soon as they become available.”

Damar Hamlin, a 24-year-old Buffalo Bills safety, collapsed on the field during Monday Night Football versus the Cincinnati Bengals.

After canceling the game, the NFL stated 10:05 p.m. That statement is reproduced below: