An 82-year-old woman was caught shoplifting in a supermarket store.

The store manager in Ferentino made a nice and brave move in her direction when an elderly woman in need went shopping without paying, stating, “I told her everything, she might have been my mother.”

In Ferentino, Frosinone, a senior gentleman was caught robbing the Se Bon supermarket on Via Casilina. “Don’t call the police, please; I don’t want my grandchildren to know,” she begged the owner to intervene, and he did.

Il Messaggero tells the tale of the episode, in which the main character is one of the numerous individuals who are in danger of being impoverished and who will not be able to make it until the end of the month due to price increases.

Grandma, 82, was hungry but unable to go shopping because of her rent and other obligations. She was a widow with a small income. She is unable to ask the children for help because they are having financial difficulties and she does not want to disturb them.

The store manager, Francesco Sciucco, ended the call to 112 and handed her the goods—everything she had put in the cart, down to the last cent. He mentioned the chance that it might be his mother, so he was powerless to react otherwise.

A nice and admirable act was carried out by the businessman, who did not want to be praised for it because he had already made a lot of sacrifices in his life and could not turn away from the suffering of others. He said, “Come get what you need whenever you want; a few euros don’t mean much to me.”

She needs money to go shopping, so the grocery manager gives her some.

The woman went into the supermarket at lunchtime and bought bread, salami, and canned tuna. She tried to leave without using the checkout lines while still at the shelves by concealing the products in her bag.

The workers persuaded her to open the bag and warned her that they would have called the carabinieri if they had missed the scene. As soon as the other customers in the supermarket were aware of it, they walked over to the exit to investigate.

The staff was about to call 112 when the old woman replied, “I don’t want my grandchildren to know that their grandmother is a thief.” After giving her everything she had taken, the owner let her return home.

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