After marrying Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani makes sad announcement

Gwen Stefani’s emotions have been all over the place due to the holiday season, which brings both happy and sad news.

After learning of Vivienne Westwood’s death, the No Doubt singer posted a photo of the fashion queen on Instagram to convey her grief.

“It hurts my heart to learn of the loss of the renowned Vivienne Westwood, who had a significant influence not just on the fashion business but also on popular culture,” Gwen said besides a photo of herself with the late fashion designer.

“I’ll never forget the feeling of putting on my first item of designer gear, which turned out to be a Vivienne Westwood outfit. Vivienne, you were in a league of your own; you will be one of my all-time favorite fashion designers for the rest of my life.”

Vivienne died on December 29th, she was 81 years old at the time. Her family and followers are devastated.

Andreas Kronthaler, her husband, and their two kids, Derek Westwood and Joseph Corré, survive her. Joseph Corré, her youngest son, has followed in his mother’s footsteps and founded the lingerie company Agent Provocateur. Derek Westwood is a well-known fashion designer.

The bad news comes just a few days after Gwen teased her audience with the promise of happy news amid speculations that she and Blake are expecting a child together.

Fans assumed the celebrity would reveal that she is having a child after expressing joy about something she “had to hold in for so long.”

“I can’t believe I was able to hold this in for so long,” she said in the title of an Instagram video. “I can’t believe I could keep this from coming out for so long.”

Despite their excitement, her fans were unaware that the news portrayed in the video above was not what she would announce.

Even though Gwen and Blake have no children together, the country singer has made no secret of his delight in the position of stepfather in the lives of his stepsons Apollo, Zuma, and Kingston.

“If I were to quit my job right now, the only thing that could go wrong is that I would start to regret the fact that I’m passing up possibilities to experience things that are more significant in life,” he told the PEOPLE.

“Those are our children for the time being. This has nothing to do with me anymore and never will.”

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