A Stranger Taught Her A Lesson After She Refused To Move Her Bag On The Subway

A person shouted from the back of the train, “If you remove it, we would have an extra seat to spare.” But we can imagine how many individuals would think that incidence would lead to a worsening of the situation. Jessica was left with no choice but to observe as events played out.

The woman, however, blatantly stated that it was her personal space, and she continued to hold onto that notion. But one passenger was having none of it and yelled back at her that “this was not the case.” An officer who was on the scene was losing his patience and couldn’t handle the pressure. But it seemed like everyone wanted the situation to stop.

Jessica approached her and requested permission to occupy the seat next to her. Jessica pointed to the seat and asked her politely if she would do her a favor. She took up two seats instead of one by setting her enormous Louis Vuitton suitcase on the open seat. Jessica quickly realized the type of woman she was dealing with, and the worst was yet to come.

Watch the whole thing down below!

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