In today’s world, the need for digital advertising is at an all-time high. It helps you gain access to a significant amount of prospects within your target audience.

Your search engine optimization efforts are a crucial piece to that. When done right, SEO can bring prospects to you. It’s a passive marketing strategy that will help you climb the ranks of search engines, Google or otherwise.

Perhaps you’ve tried SEO out before but without much luck. If so, be sure to read on for the benefits of local SEO services. Consider how they can help you climb the rankings on the world’s largest search engine: Google.

1. They Understand the Complex Google Algorithm

You might have previously wondered how Google is able to determine which websites it will push out to those that type in a question online. 

How does it decide which websites are worthy of being placed on its top search results? In short, it uses the Google Algorithm.

Many people know that Google’s algorithm uses things such as keywords, links, and high-quality content as a start, but it’s a lot more complex than that.

Did you know that Google makes updates to its algorithm every single day? Sometimes it’s multiple times a day. 

In fact, in recent years, Google has averaged over 2,000 minor updates annually. Do you have the time in your day to keep up with them? Of course not! But even the slightest change might alter your entire gameplan… what to do?

Teaming up with a local SEO service will give your company a partner that keeps up with (and understands) every algorithm update. They’ll adjust your SEO strategies accordingly as well!

2. They’ll Improve Your Website User’s Experience

You might have a website with all the answers to your industry’s deepest and darkest secrets. But if your website isn’t user-friendly, your site visitors will hit the back button quicker than you can say “Medicine Hat”.

For that reason, it’s imperative to your brand that you have a website the users will enjoy.

Your site needs to strike a balance between containing high-quality content, but also being easy to navigate. 

It also needs to be mobile-friendly. That’s vitally important because there are now more website visitors using mobile phones than any other device (including desktops).

If your site is easy for the site visitor to use, you will witness a higher bounce rate, generate more leads, get more email subscribers, have higher sales conversions, and increase your customer loyalty.

The website directly reflects the brand, so make sure that you’re teaming up with a trusted SEO service that can set you up for success.

3. They Generate More Backlinks

Think of your online presence as a spider-web: the more attachments and connections that you have to it, the more prospects that you’ll catch!

Some of your online marketing tactics will lead to you starting that spider-web naturally, however, you use other initiatives to strengthen that connection.

That’s why backlinking has become such an important piece to the SEO puzzle. It helps brands generate natural connections to their brand outside normal marketing tactics such as pay per click ads, social media posts, etc.

Backlinking, for those of you that don’t know, is when a brand creates links from another site to their own site.

For example, say you’re a plumbing service and you answer a question on Quora about the signs it’s time to replace a water heater. 

You might choose to answer the question, then say something like “if you’d like, you can read the article on my website about this exact topic!” and provide the link. That’s backlinking at its finest!

Hooking your company up with a local SEO service will gain more access to opportunities for backlinking. Heck, they might have other clients whose website you can build a backlink on!

4. They’ll Unlock the Power of Your Images

Not many companies, even the ones that practice SEO well, understand the true power that your website’s images hold.

Not only are they visually-pleasing to your site users, they serve as a factor when a search engine’s algorithm grades your content. They also give you the opportunity to use more keywords.

Your images’ file names can be saved as keywords and factored into search results. You can also place a keyword phrase or two into the photo’s alt text on your website.

5. They Can Create Evergreen Content

Perhaps your current SEO plan’s biggest flaw is the misuse of the topics that you’re focusing on.

The key is to produce what experts call “evergreen content” in your blog, which is content that will remain relevant to your target audience for years to come.

For instance, using the example from earlier, a blog article about the “signs it’s time to replace your water heater” is evergreen, because people will always need it. They’ll always search for it.

All you have to do is update the evergreen content from time to time to ensure the links are still high-quality and all of your statistics are as fresh as can be.

Invest in Local SEO Services Today!

Now that you’ve seen the benefits that you can receive when you invest in local SEO services, it’s time for you to do just that!

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