We’ve been working with business owners for a long enough time now that we know what you all really… really need… you need to know who to hire and when. What is Digital Marketing? Who do you even hire?

There’s another really big problem in the Digital Marketing Landscape – The Digital Marketer that has an attitude called “I can do it all…”

Here’s the dig…

Marketing is a complex world with many different types, projects, people, strategies and things to monitor. It’s definitely not an “I’ll put this off while I focus on working in my Business” sort of job.

Marketing requires active engagement, constant monitoring, and regular follow up and follow through on a variety of different activities.

And… no single person is equipped to do ALL of these things. Guilty as charged when I first started this agency, I began under the notion that I was going to be able to do a little bit of everything for every client.

Man was I ever in for a rude wake-up call.

I had Branding, and Logo Design, Social Media, and Email Marketing, SEO, PPC Ads, Facebook Ads, a full suite of marketing automation offers and the list went on and on. Chances are if you’re reading this and you’ve been on of my clients for a few years – you remember this well.

The simple truth was, I had to find out what I was really good at and the answer…. was not “I’m good at everything.”

Today we’re going to be talking about some of the broader strokes of Digital Marketing, what to look for in a Digital Marketer and what you can do to help your business grow in the fastest-growing segment of Marketing in the world!

Let’s just dive right in!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is the Art and the Science of working with Search Engines in a white hat (not hacking or gaming the system at the cost of other users) manner.

This often includes doing things like Generating leads through Web Design & Keyword Research in order to find the most profitable keywords possible, writing content that appeals to those keywords, and then going and leveraging relationships with other bloggers in the internet landscape to generate backlinks to help you build those keywords to top positions within search engines.

Let’s face it, the largest search engine in the world is Google. The world seems to center around Google no matter what you’re looking up – so finding a SEO specialist that is extremely confident and can EASILLY explain complex concepts in Google advertising to you is going to be key to your success in your companies Digital Marketing Strategy.

Goals/ Results you should be looking for in an SEO specialist:

Increasing Web Page Rankings, Improving Organic Search Performance, Improving Web Page Load Speed, Improving Landing Page Bounce and Conversion Rates, Ensuring ongoing page indexing and fresh content.

Search Engine Marketing and PPC (SEM)

Again, not all specialists are built the same way! There is a tremendous amount of crossover in an SEO and SEM specialist – however, there are a few very key differences.

Because of the similarity and use of tools between the two, however, most SEO specialists are also going to be very well versed in everything related to SEM.

SEM or Search Engine Marketing is more than just the organic rankings are the bottom of the page itself. They’re also knowledgeable when it comes to ranking people within products like Google Maps and Google ads for example.

SEM specialists are well rounded when it comes to growing your Business in ALL aspects of the Search Engine Marketing Landscape. They know most search engines from top to bottom. Again, Google is going to be a favorite of these specialists as it is the single largest site in the world!

Goals/ Results you should be looking for in an SEM specialist:

Clicks, Click through rate, Quality Score, Cost per click, Cost per Conversion/ Acquisition, Conversion Rate, Impressions Share, Average Position, Budget attainment, Lifetime Value of Customers.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a beast that stands all on its own! Different software, different key performance, different goals, and different outcomes!

Winning the Social Media is often a game of knowing your audience, winning engagement, keeping your “tribe” entertained, and ensuring you’re leveraging the highest quality content possible while staying on top of the Social Media Algorithms!

Oftentimes the goals are to improve your brand presence, increase website traffic/ visits, and increase sales. Although today, tracking results directly from Social Media is very difficult to do, clients with an exceptional Social Media Game have noticed a significant improvement in their overall financial results directly to their bottom line!

Goals/ Results you should be looking for in an Social Media specialist:

Engagements, reach, Leads, Customers.

Content Marketing

Content marketers are oftentimes in a league of their own as well! They are the brains behind creating the content that engages your clients to buy time and time again!

Explaining content marketing to your family can be a little bit more complex however, we’ve found that explaining it – it’s best to give them examples.

There is a company out there that I personally love that send me information on Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, and Grappling techniques every week – and I look forward to it!

I also receive information from another website that I frequently go to for their latest releases on e-books and other content.

I’ve spent a lot of time reading information from both of these sites and as a result, I’ve made purchases on specials, promotions, and offers that they have going on! This in effect is one of the many forms of content marketing.

Oftentimes content marketing is used to create content that enhances products and promotions and can be used for front end Marketing (Lead Generation, Loss Leader Purchased, building an email list) and back end Marketing (Email Newsletters, engaging videos for users, product promotions for re-targeting audiences).

Goals/ Results you should be looking for in a Content Marketing Specialist:

Overall Traffic to Website, Time on Page/ Time with Content, Click through rate on internal content, Scroll Depth, Bounce Rate, Comments

Affiliate Marketing/ Product Promotion

Since the Advent of books like Tim Ferris’s 4 Hour work week – Affiliate Marketing has exploded onto the scene in a big way! Affiliate Marketing is the act of promoting other people’s products through your website.

The person who is selling the product is leveraging the traffic that is already on your website, and in turn, you are making a commission off of their product sales.

If you have a website that is generating a lot of volume in regards to traffic, this is your opportunity to take advantage of many of the opportunities that are available when it comes to selling other people’s products and services.

The trick is, you’re going to need to find a way to generate consistent and ongoing traffic to your website so you can ultimately sell the advertising space, take advantage of the commissions, and enjoy the sweet rewards that come with this kind of Marketing approach! This means carefully analyzing who you hire to drive traffic to your website!

Goals/ Results you should be looking for in a Content Marketing Specialist:

Effective earning per click, Total Revenue by an affiliate, average order value.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is definitely quite and effective, and modern spin on an old school technique! Taking celebrities and promoting your products and services online.

However, it’s not as expensive as it used to be! With the explosion of “Instagram celebrities” and “YouTube stars” reaching out to influencers with small or large audiences is as much of a talent as it is an art.

Understanding that many of these influencers have a following that is constantly messaging them, a skilled Influence Marketer has the know-how to get in touch with the influencer in ways that are a little more “out of the box” than simply reaching out to them via direct messenger.

People who are influencers are extremely busy and oftentimes are very hard to get a hold of. More importantly, if you do not have a similar size of following or value proposition, then this form of Marketing becomes a little more difficult to do.

A skilled Influence Marketer can show you where you are and where the best people are for your niche and your business at that time and work with you gradually to build many of the opportunities that are available in the Influencer Marketing Landscape.

Goals/ Results you should be looking for in an Influencer Marketing Specialist:

Conversions, Referal Traffic, Reach and awareness, Social Audience Growth, Engagement

Email Marketing

Email Marketers are a fun bunch! Most business owners we’ve talked to think Email Marketing is dead, when in fact, in the online world, it is still the highest ROI Positive form of marketing there is.

On average, BILLIONS of emails are sent every single day around the globe, many of them are for Marketing Promotions! To prove the point of ROI – let’s say you have an email list of approximately 1000 subscribers – on average for every email campaign that is sent out 1-3% of those campaigns are going to turn into revenue.

Let’s think about that… a list… you’re keeping… that may be costing you approximately… $20/ month to maintain… is going to return 10-30 purchases off of whatever product you’re selling.

These kinds of returns have stayed consistent year over year over year and they don’t show any signs of slowing down either!

A good email Marketer is going to be able to take your Business from “Client who purchases once to clients who purchase forever” more importantly, they’re going to be able to create an animation that is going to take the stress out of following up with your clients for return appointments or service calls.

A good email marketer can also increase your average dollar sale, boost cart values, help you retain long term clients, and so much more – don’t be so quick to write off this age-old strategy that still creates incredible returns!

Goals/ Results you should be looking for in an Email Marketing Specialist:

Number of emails delivered, a number of emails opened, click-through rate, click to open rate, unsubscribe rate, bounce rate, spam complaints, social shares, forwards, conversions.

Viral Marketing

One of the most effective, highest ROI, highest brand retained, form of marketing in the world is viral marketing.

Here’s the catch, it’s hard to do, and worse yet if it’s done wrong – your message might fall flat or become a parody.

Viral Marketing is extremely complex as it has to be timed nearly perfectly for the season, done in a medium that is highly consumable, on a platform that has an extremely high rate of user retention and works to engage an extremely large group of people.

With all of this in mind, the “spread” of viral marketing cannot be ignored either. There are marketers that specialize in paying attention to industry trends and creating an insane amount of that highly consumable content that people just cannot get enough of.

Viral Marketing specialists truly are behavior specialists in their own right and deserve the money they’re worth as when they hit a campaign of success, the campaign is hit hard and the opportunity for your brand becomes unparalleled – oftentimes on a global scale.

Goals/ Results you should be looking for in a Viral Marketing Specialist:

Revenue Generated, Cost Per Lead, Customer Lifetime Value, Inbound Marketing ROI, Traffic to Lead Ratio, Lead to Customer Ratio, Organic Traffic, and Social Media Traffic.

Mobile Marketing/ Mobile Advertising

Last but not least, let’s tackle the Mobile Marketing Specialists. Again, many of these Marketers are going to have a few different specialties with a major focus on Mobile Marketing! Positioning themselves as an expert in one of the above fields with a MAJOR and comprehensive focus on Mobile!

There are technologies that exist out there designed specifically for Mobile Marketing strategies as well! Strategies like push notifications, SMM (Text Message) Marketing, QR Codes, Location Based Marketing, and Mobile search all being amongst them!

This kind of Marketing is usually a form of complementary Marketing to one of the campaign types or strategies above! For example, my agency already has a procedure in place to ensure we are working with Google’s “Mobile First” Indexing protocols – Ensuring that there is a strategy in place for mobile, or a focus on mobile is vital.

80% of Search Traffic these days comes from Mobile Devices, this is a statistic that we cannot avoid if we’re to get serious about Marketing our Businesses online!

Goals/ Results you should be looking for in a Viral Marketing Specialist:

Downloads, Application Open Rate, Mobile Conversion Rate, Number of New Users, Organic Mobile Conversions, Organic Paid Conversions

Will Digital Marketing work for my Business?

Given the scope and the broad range of Digital Marketing options available, there is absolutely SOMETHING that is going to work to improve the bottom line in your Business. The simple answer is a simple and enthusiastic; YES!

Hopefully, this has inspired you to find something that is going to work for your business and move forward in an attempt to find a trusted professional that you can rely on!

Frequently Asked Questions about Digital Marketing!

How does Digital Marketing work?

Digital Marketing is the art and the science of of attracting visitors through advertisements using a variety of techniques in the Digital Marketing world to drive opportunities for Businesses in the form of leads. Leads are generated, usually, through an online landing page, phone call, message, or opt-in giving the Business the opportunity to sell that opportunity into becoming a customer with that Business.

Can Digital Marketing make me rich?

Like anything, there are a few wonder-stories out there that inspire hope. Getting rich, and getting rich quick are two very different concepts. If you’re hoping to get rich quick, look somewhere else. Two years into the game and I’m just now at a point where I make a comfortable living.

That was two years of being in business – and 10 years in Sales and Copy learning how to write ads. And 5 years in Marketing school.

So – yes it can make you rich, like anything it’s going to require a lot of work.

Which Digital Marketing works best?

From what we’ve shown above the best form of Digital Marketing is simply the form that is profitable for your Business. We have campaigns that make us a lot of revenue, and campaigns that have only made us a few dollars.

Recognizing there is an opportunity in every campaign you run is the key. Learning how to keep track of that is going to be vital to determining if your marketing campaigns are successful!