Generating more customer opportunities from your website isn’t rocket science. In order to take full advantage of our 5 tips to generate more leads from your website today strategy guide – It actually just requires some research, some time behind a keyboard, and an understanding of some very basic human psychology elements. There’s actually a technical term for the way this is done effectively — it’s called Conversion Rate Optimization or CRO for short.

That being said — we still see web solutions online that don’t follow any of the most basic practices of Conversion Rate Optimization today and we’re hoping we’re going to have the opportunity to correct that.

Let’s start with what Conversion rate optimization IS NOT — Conversion Rate Optimization is not…

  1. Guesswork 
  2. Doing things based on a gut feeling
  3. Branding (Although; done correctly it can interact with a brand effectively.) they’re tested strategies specifically designed to sell.
  4. Throwing darts at the digital marketing dartboard. 
  5. It typically does not start a website home page of with “About Us” or “found in 19__.”

What Conversion rate optimization DEFINITELY IS: 

  1. Strategically Planned Based on Data 
  2. EXTREMELY focused on what your customer wants
  3. Designed to capture someone’s attention in less than 8 seconds. 
  4. Focused on key performance indicators and statistical analysis. 
  5. Designed to generate more money for your business online. 

So the question then becomes — what can we do differently to help your Businesses online presence generate more money online? Here are a few of the best tips and tricks we use every single day in our agency to help grow our client’s Businesses online!

1. Follow the 6 Point strategy when designing your web page or… any advertising:

The six point is something that we’ve used in our agency for all of our landing pages since the conception of our Business! The reason it’s stuck around so long is that it works — and it works exceptionally well! 

Now, of course, we cannot take credit for this — the six-point punch was something that has been around for a LONG TIME in advertising copywriting and it’s something that isn’t going away anytime soon. 

Here’s an example of what we mean:

6 point punch visual representation as a point for generating more leads from your website
Image courtest of

The six-point punch incorporates some VERY powerful copywriting techniques that have been used for the better part of 150 years and counting. The shade of lipstick on the pig has changed quite a bit, the marketing “pig” really hasn’t at all! 

The first strategy we use when we’re developing a brand new page is incorporation the 6 major points of conversion rate optimization. There is a reason why the majority of large websites look very similar or the same, and that is because what works is simply what works and in the great words of my great grandfather — if it ain’t broke; don’t try fixing it. 

2. Keep your most important information above the fold:

Like you see in the six-point image above — you have to keep your most important information above the fold. “The fold” is the median line where every device that is capable of accessing your web page (and it should be all of them) should see the information immediately above the line before you have to scroll down in order to get more information from the web page itself. has written a beautiful article on the historical relevance of keeping information above the fold and has noted that historically; has written a beautiful article on the historical relevance of keeping information above the fold and has noted that historically; 

In the early days of publishing, ‘above the fold’ was a term used for content that appeared on the top half of the front page of a newspaper. When newspapers were displayed on a newsstand, the headlines and lead stories that appeared above the fold were the most visible, and catchy headlines and vivid imagery were commonly used to attract readers’ attention, convincing them to buy the paper.

As publishers moved their businesses online and web design evolved in the 1990’s, the term continued to stick. Today, the fold no longer refers to an actual fold in a newspaper, but the bottom of a browser window, or approximately 600 pixels from the top of the page.

We’re constantly seeing this inside of web-presence solutions for even some of the best converting, and most profitable companies in the world that understand the importance of growing their Business online through proper Conversion rate optimization techniques!

Snack nation landing page

Air BnB landing page example of how they generare more leads from their website
Landing page with simple call to action and a simple way to generate more leads to your website.

All of these are really great examples where the information is clearly above the fold, offers the six-point punch, and commits the web visitor from a browsing customer to a red hot, ready to buy lead for your Business!

3. Ensuring your content is mobile-friendly:

I cannot stress the importance of this enough — and yet, so many people today seem to completely miss the boat on this altogether! 

Google released a consumer report on how people basically use the internet…. yes… the entire internet by the numbers! 

What it found was that a whopping 88% of web visitors to millions of niches across the world had visited the website of people using a mobile device. 

What does that mean for your Business? If you don’t have a mobile, and up to date website you’re losing out on: 

  1. Ranking opportunities in Google — they aren’t dummies, they want to build a platform that is consistent with the highest standard of user experience — that includes promoting websites that are mobile-friendly and penalizing website that is not mobile-friendly. 
  2. Missing traffic because you’re missing ranking opportunities.
  3. Losing revenue potential from your website visitors — if someone is “just browsing” trying to get some more useful information — who are they more likely to purchase off of? The Business that is making them easier? Or the Business that they have a hard time navigating their website with? 
  4. Missed future revenue — and of course to finalize this bleak outlook on life — we have understood that when we miss potential revenue — we as Business owners are also missing out on future revenue. You can’t turn someone into a future customer without first turning them into a legitimate customer opportunity. 

4. Ensuring your phone number is directly on your web page AND mobile-ready:

Having a website that shows off your businesses phone number immediately is the single fastest way to generate more phone calls to your Business. Our clients in small communities often see anywhere between 30–400 additional phone calls every single month come from their Businesses because of this simple addition to their web pages. 

More importantly, if you’re looking to do online advertising later on with Google for example — you’re going to have a hard time getting your ads approved without a phone number to place inside of the web page. 

It goes without saying that you should have your phone number posed on somewhere on your web page. If the majority of your companies leads are generated on the phone then I would suggest making it the main focus of your pages! 

Unbounce is an incredible resource when it comes to knowing what is best when you want your websites to convert and have them convert quickly! They’ve created a bunch of really cool and creative designs that should give you an idea as to where you should be posting your phone number if this what you’re looking to accomplish for your company. 

Landing page with woman in front of it

The second piece of advice we can give you is to create a tel link inside of the button that you’re looking to have call for your Business! We’re going to write a guide on this later, however, this may be something that you’re looking to accomplish right away — the fastest way to do this would be to insert a piece of html into the button image to get it to do exactly that. 


<a href="tel:123-456-7890p123">CLICK TO CALL</a>

This line of code is something that can create an interaction on mobile devices that looks something like this when the button is clicked: 

Call link alternative visual

If you’re having trouble accomplishing that then you should definitely visit our home page — which can be done right here — and you can reach out with us immediately! 

5. Asking for small actions first: 

You have to keep in mind that most of your visitors to your website are going to be first-time visitors! This means that they aren’t going to be ready to spend gobs of money with your business right away and they likely aren’t going to be spending thousands of dollars with your business without some kind of human interaction! 

Take that into consideration when you’re creating your calls to action! You may not want to have a headline that reads something like “Get your ___________ for $997 today!” unless of course, you’re giving away something that is normally 10X the price of that insane offer! 

What you’re looking to accomplish is creating something that is going entice people to buy from you online right away but gives them an opportunity to warm up what we affectionately call the “value ladder”. 

The value ladder for your customer ascending upwards according to russell brunson of click funnels.

This was something that was introduced to me by Russell Brunson who owns one of the largest digital marketing automation software suites in the world affectionately known as “ClickFunnels” but the concept is that you want to introduce your clients to a warm-up, or a taster of your products and services that your business offers! 

Oftentimes, we’ve found that this works exceptionally well in the way of coupons or incentives for service-based businesses, or “free” offers when it comes to Business inventory-based business or product-based business that exist in retail for example. 

We’ve have a client that has been consistently rotating, testing, and measuring coupons coming from his Business every month like clockwork; his website isn’t the prettiest thing that has ever been made by our agency, but man has it ever made him a ton of money! 

Kirbapeal Medicine Hat Home landing page

You’ll notice that a simple coupon from his service-based company is all that he has needed in order to effectively grow his company and generate leads consistently time and time again online.

What to do next: 

  1. Follow the six-point strategy of marketing your Business effectively online. Really, you could use the six-point strategy in any of your advertising – it’s a technique that has worked well for Business owners all over the world!
  2. Keep the most important information for your business above the fold of your content! Showing what matters most to your customers is what is going to matter when it comes time to convert!
  3. Ensuring your content is mobile friendly – google has long since begun penalizing a website for not producing mobile-friendly content – if you’re not there yet, I’m surprised you’re still in Business!
  4. Ensuring your phone number is directly on your web page and immediately mobile friendly so it can interact with your user’s cell phone is crucial.
  5. Ask for small, simple actions first – something that is going to help your customers ascend up your value ladder so you can sell them bigger and better packages.

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